Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Weekend, Boston comicon

Well, I'm gonna be at a friends house for Halloween with some other friends as well and staying the
weekend because we're going to Boston Comicon that Sunday.

So I won't be on, updating or anything, until Monday, but when I get back I'll blog about how it was.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Writers Block

I wrote this for creative writing last week.

Writers Block

“I need to come up with an idea, but what?” He though, rapidly typing “I need an idea” hoping maybe by some magic event that he’ll be struck by inspiration, “Why can’t I think of anything?” he shouted as he smacked his head against the table, and that’s when it hit him, not just the table but a realization, “Of course! It’s writers block!”

Yes, he realized he had writers block, and that the only way to get past it, would be to DEFEAT IT.

“But how? I don’t see the writers block in this room, so where is it?” he muttered to himself not realizing there were others in the room, and then a person he had never met before came up to him and said “Trying to defeat writers block? The only way to defeat it is to find it, and where else would it be but its fortress!” of course! Where else WOULD it be? And thus he headed towards the writers block’s fortress! I mean, why didn’t he think of it before? Everybody’s where writer’s block fortress is, 300 Millwood St! It’s right by the school! So he headed there right away.

After a short walk he arrived, armed with his pen and sword he walked up the door and rang the doorbell.

As he waited fro a reply he looked at the fortress, a Victorian style house, with modern fences and hedges, a “fortress sweet fortress” doormat on the ground.

“Who is it?” said a voice that sounded like a woman in her 80’s, “Is this the writers block fortress?” said the boy, “Why yes it is the writer block residence” said the voice, and the door opened to reveal a solid white room with a solid white block in the middle, “It looked like there would be more inside from the looks of the outside” thought the boy.

As he stepped inside the room fire lit up around the walls, and a maniacal laughter filled the room, and this wasn’t the old lady either, in fact, the boy wondered why the voice at the door sounded like an old lady when there was nobody there when the door opened, who opened the door anyways?

If the lady did exist he wondered what her life must have been like, answering the door for a block that prevents inspiration from reaching artists and writers, something that stands against all creativity, and he noticed the idea itself of a big scary fortress having an old lady answer the door as if you were visiting your grandmother at her house in the suburbs isn’t a very creative idea in the first place, so it must’ve been a manifestation of the writers blocks existence, and he noticed that he was in fact being distracted from what he was doing by overanalyzing the old lady, he shrugged it off and ran towards the block, as the laughter grew louder spikes grew from the floor and arrows shot from the walls, the boy cut down the spikes and dodged the arrows, he made 1 big slash at the blocks vital points! “Wait a minute, where exactly are the vital points on a block?”

He then remembered that he had a pen on him, and he then knew what he head to do.

After dodging another arrow he jumped at the block and began franticly writing a 60 page novel on the block, about a 13th century warrior who finds and kills the last unicorn only to find that the blood does not in fact cause immortality, and realizing he had just rendered a magnificent species extinct.

The maniacal laughing turned to screams of agony as each word written carved scars into the dying writers block, the block began to crack and with the last words of the novel “The end” the block crumble to pieces and from where it was standing a spring of inspiration sprung forth, beautiful colors and wonderful ideas flew forth and caused the fortress on 300 Millwood St to implode, the boy barley escaped as the fortress collapsed upon itself(as that is what implosion is) the boy watched in amazement, for when the building finished imploding, all that was left was 60 sheets of paper, it was the novel he had written to defeat the writers block, he picked up the paper and walked back to school, stapled it together, and finally he was finished with his project.

The end.

The man and his wife.

I made this for Creative Writing this week.

Nonsense poems are fun to write because sometimes I can't think of the right word to describe something, but in a a nonsense poem I can just type down what I think SOUNDS like what I'm trying to get across.

The man and his wife, By Jesse Ide.

One fine evening as the sun rose, a man and his wife were dreany.

“What a fine afternoon it fills me with gloom if only I were dreaming”

Twas the words that he said as he pummeled his head and wondered when he would grow weary.

“Shall we go soon? Dear I do believe the day is not done” said the wife as she looked in her oven which cooked the day but just not enough.

“Just a minute I’ve got just a pinute of ginute to shinute amongst us”

Said the man as he rode on his spoon riding all the way to the tree.

“I heard that” Shouted the deaf man “And you won’t be leaving until you sit down for some tea!”

The tea was splanderfoul and the bread was Magnafikent for the sleaze of the bull was too ripe.

When the tea was all done and there was plenty to drink the man and his wife were on their merry way, for Jerry and Jim, both saw her and him, and wondered why they were still blind.

As they walked by them the day was quite griam and you couldn’t even see the air.

For the man who was there in charge of the air was killing time by fixing his watch.

“What’s with that man, this day is so grand, he should be out here enjoying the grotch”

“Well, I guess this is good morning to you, the sun is quite low and I need to get home to wake up” were the words of the man as he walked to his house in the air.

“My husbands so grand so let us be bland, tomorrows when we had divorced”

Said the wife as she knew that she loved him as a horse.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Conumdrum

Only the fool would take trouble to verify that this sentence was composed of ten a's, three b's, four c's, four d's, forty-six e's, sixteen f's, four g's, thirteen h's, fifteen i's, two k's, nine l's, four m's, twenty-five n's, twenty-four o's, five p's, sixteen r's, forty-one s's, thirty-seven t's, ten u's, eight v's, eight w's, four x's, eleven y's, twenty-seven commas, twenty-three apostrophes, seven hyphens and, last but not least, a single !

So, Here's a good question, would you rather take the time to verify that the above statement is true, and possibly appear to be a fool, or would you now go though the trouble and just assume that the statement is correct and believe it.

I love tricky questions like these!
I'll probably post others here sometimes.

The first post!

I tried doing a blog once before and FAILED.
This is try #2! where I'll post when I feel like blogging and I guess I'll put the blog link on my facebook or whatever.

Anyways! I guess I should introduce myself if this is my first blog post.
I'm Jesse on the internet I like to go by the name of Jeshi and I go to Sudbury Valley school, normally you DON'T say something like what school you go to online but its a big part of why my life may or may not be interesting, see.

Sudbury Valley is an alternative school, there are no mandat0ory classes or curriculum, or classrooms, or teachers, the entire school is run by the School meeting members, which is the the Staff and the students, all the rules and the such are decided at a School meeting, if you break a rule a then a student can bring you up(report) to the Judicial committee which is a bunch of students chosen from each age group every month(except the clerks which are elected every 2 months), there is no age separation, everybody from age 4-18 goes to the school with no separation, you can hang out with whoever you want.
Because there are no mandatory classes or curriculum or teachers, you are free to do whatever you want with your day, you can go the Art room and practice drawing or work on a craft project you have, Or you can read one of the MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY books around the school(Almost every wall is a freaking bookshelf XD) theres a computer room for computer related activity's, and theres a type writer in one of the rooms too.
You can go outside the building and play sports or something, or you can practice music up int eh barn in one of the Music rooms, or you can play video games! theres a place for that too!
Or you can go outside the CAMPUS and take a walk in Callahan state park or walk with your friends to Nobscot and get some Pizza or something(although its 45-minute walk each way :P)
You can play pool, Watch TV, or lift weights or something in the basement.
some students start up their own concessions and get marketing experience!
Or you can just lie around doing nothing all day.
Your free to do whatever you want as long as it doesn't violate a rule.

You can get to school anytime between 8:30am to 11:00am, and leave any time at least 5 hours later(as late as 5:00pm).

in order to keep track of attendance theres a check-in check-out list, check in when you get here, check out when you leave, if you get here after 11:00am you get a red dot meaning your late, and need to tell the attendance clerk(which is another student) when your leaving and if its 5 hours later then you get permission to give yourself a blue dot meaning it doesn't matter you were late.

If you get a red dot but no blue dot then it's assumed you didn't get enough time at school, to much of this and you get put on attendance notification, meaning your on a thinner rope, don't improve attendance and your off the rolls! too bad!

If you forget to check in or out you get a green line, resulting in you having to pay a $1 fine, it raises if you don't it though, I know a student who never checked in and never payed his fines, he ended up with a $40 attendance fine!

If you don't show up or call in sick you get an A in your check-in Check-box for that day, meaning absent, If your absent to much without good reason then the same as too many red dots applies.

Theres no dress code and you can bring any item you want with you, however if you come to school wearing a bikini or bring some REALLY inappropriate you'll most likely get brought up and charged with community norms(Any act which is looked upon as inappropriate or unusual by the community at large)

It's run on a democratic government, and if you want to learn ANYTHING you can probably ask a staff and they'll either help you learn it or tell you what you can do to learn it yourself.
I'm probably forgetting something, but I think thats enough. is the website if you want to learn more.

Anyways, this blog is about my life or whatever else I feel like blogging about, not my school.

So! yeah, this is my blog :D.