Thursday, October 30, 2008

The man and his wife.

I made this for Creative Writing this week.

Nonsense poems are fun to write because sometimes I can't think of the right word to describe something, but in a a nonsense poem I can just type down what I think SOUNDS like what I'm trying to get across.

The man and his wife, By Jesse Ide.

One fine evening as the sun rose, a man and his wife were dreany.

“What a fine afternoon it fills me with gloom if only I were dreaming”

Twas the words that he said as he pummeled his head and wondered when he would grow weary.

“Shall we go soon? Dear I do believe the day is not done” said the wife as she looked in her oven which cooked the day but just not enough.

“Just a minute I’ve got just a pinute of ginute to shinute amongst us”

Said the man as he rode on his spoon riding all the way to the tree.

“I heard that” Shouted the deaf man “And you won’t be leaving until you sit down for some tea!”

The tea was splanderfoul and the bread was Magnafikent for the sleaze of the bull was too ripe.

When the tea was all done and there was plenty to drink the man and his wife were on their merry way, for Jerry and Jim, both saw her and him, and wondered why they were still blind.

As they walked by them the day was quite griam and you couldn’t even see the air.

For the man who was there in charge of the air was killing time by fixing his watch.

“What’s with that man, this day is so grand, he should be out here enjoying the grotch”

“Well, I guess this is good morning to you, the sun is quite low and I need to get home to wake up” were the words of the man as he walked to his house in the air.

“My husbands so grand so let us be bland, tomorrows when we had divorced”

Said the wife as she knew that she loved him as a horse.

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