Friday, November 28, 2008

Oh gosh darn it to heck!

Well, we came up with a name for the Podcast, "A thousand shades of ambiguity" and we proceded to record the first episode, but the recording only recorded my side of the conversation and thus nobody else could be heard, and to make it worse, My headset then broke! 

SO! Where does THAT leave the podcast? Purgetory until the new headset I ordered arrives, and we find a good Skype recording program, Pamela plays things out of order and has a 15 minute limit, Call Graph is unpredictable, sometimes it'll record perfectly sometimes it'll only record one half of the conversation, AudioHjiack adds noise every 10 minutes and saves things as a really large file, and everything else we've found costs money!

So that sucks.

Thanksgiving was Thanksgiving as usualy.
Mother 3 is fun but very hard.

Thats all I can really think of for this post.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

So far unnamed Podcast!

SO, Me along with Nicko, Cyrus, Grihol, and maybe others depending on availibility are working on a PODCAST, Which has yet to have a name, I'm thinking "Ghote(Pronounced fish)", Grihol said "I don't want it to be like an inside joke for you SVS guys because I live in Ohio" And Cyrus was all "Wuht" but I haven't yet spoke to Orange.
Also whats a good free program for recording skype calls for windows? Pamela sucks and everything else I've found costs money or used to be free and now costs money.

More details on the podcast as we plan it out.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Fridasial updatious crutatious noctatious!

Excuse the odd title.
My last update was on Monday, or was it Tuesday? so I guess I should recap everything since then.

Let's see... Oh right!.
I was Twittering a lot, and I got Twitteroo on my laptop :P.
Last night I got a 12'' Artists Mannequin Which helps with my drawing, as shown here And as you can see, S/he is wearing Mittens and Clogs because those are hard to draw and the Mannequin has wooden blocks for hands and feet.

I got a great idea for a LONG story, one which would be preferably either a live action series or an animated series, but could also do with a graphic novel or literary series.

It's main themes would be how everybody has their own stories and how they all connect and intertwine, even if something is very minor in your life you might still think about it and subconsciously affect your decisions in your future, or something that you didn't even know about could still effect your life indirectly, even if its something very minor.

The idea is that it would have 3 parts, the main part would be the stories, and second would be the overall, and the third would be the mystery.

It would have an ensemble cast would be the cast of the stories part, the hundreds of stories revolving around each character, and how they would all affect each other, and most of them would take place within the same time period, and some of them could be flash back stories or stories that seem completely unrelated but would still connect to the overall.

The overall would be about a single character who accidentally observes parts of, or overhears parts of all the stories from the stories part, but s/he would have no idea that there are so many interesting things going on around him/her, S/he would often complain how boring his/her life is because nothing exciting or interesting happens, and every one of the stories would somehow effect this character, and then it goes onto the third part, the mystery.

The mystery part would involve something happening to the character from the overall, or the overall doing something, that would result in a big commotion, and hopefully as the viewers or readers go through all the stories, what really happened would start to click, so that by the end of the series there will hopefully be no need for an explanation because they'd have figured it out already, of course in case they hadn't there would be one, an epic one too, but it would mostly be to reassure the viewers/readers that they had gotten it right.

The layout would work in that in between the stories would be clips of the overall, and every so often some of the mystery would mix in, some of the stories would self contain themselves, while others might take a break and the others would show.

I think that the final part which would not be mixed in would be called the realization, would would be the conclusion of the series, where the overall character realizes that all the stories are happening around him/her and you get to see what the events that the mystery are about, happen.

A big thing about the stories would be that nothing would be off limits, there would be a lot of variety, and nothing would be deemed "Not appropriate" or "In bad taste" because they would be things that DO happen.

I've already got some ideas for stories, but I don't think I'll really work on this until I've got a more thought out idea, and I've gotten better at drawing and writing and all that.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Just got Twitter

I just got a twitter, and I stuck it on the side of my blog.
I might add it to my SheezyART too.
Or my Facebook, depends on how difficult it would be to add it to them.

So now you can see what I'm doing on the side! HOORAH!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Adventures at Boston Comicon! (Or the lack thereof)

Adventures at Boston Comicon! (Or the lack thereof)

It was Sunday morning; I was staying at Sam’s house, along with Cyrus and Jacob, mostly because of Halloween but also so we could help his mom with her Irish dance thing on Saturday, and go to the Boston Comicon on Sunday.

Cyrus and I woke up at 6:00am, we thought, for the clock clearly said 6:00am, and the convention started at 10:00am, but since Sam’s Dad didn’t want to be trying to drive us there at 10:00, we were pretty sure it was compromised that we were going to play it by ear, get up early, and leave when ready.

Well, to pass the time we watched TV only to find that in fact is was 5:00am, because of Daylight savings, “Well that’s just fantastic” I said sarcastically.

There usually isn’t much on at 5:00am as you could imagine, we found a Spanish soap opera with a cheesy fight scene, there was the same exact “SMACK!” sound effect with every single obviously not actually connecting blow, and at some point they ended up in the water, which was oddly shallow and now the “Smack!” was replaced with what sounded like the same sound effect you put in a cartoon when a small child is playing in a puddle.

The fight ends and the winner gets married to some girl who was egging them on, along with what appeared to be her 5 grandmothers, 7 uncles, 2 fathers, 3 mothers 5 sisters, and 8 brothers (or it was just a swarm of extras who were watching the fight and happened to all also be at the wedding but in different outfits).

Well enough of that, we began flicking through the channels again, or should I say infomercials since that was all that was on (Except for a certain show that I usually record at 5:00am which is how we found out it was 5:00am and not 6:00am), until finally we found another odd one, a French, animation? I wasn’t even sure, the bodies and heads were drawn, or were they cardboard? And the eyes, hands, feet, mouths, noses, and ears were all pictures of actual peoples eyes, hands, feet, mouths, noses, and ears, pasted onto the cardboard (or were they placed on the drawings?), the backgrounds were magazine clippings, and when their real life mouths moved they replaced the pictures of mouths so it looked like they chewing with their teeth showing, except when they shouted and singed in which it was an actual open mouth.

The plot seemed to be about a big dance club that forced people into line to get in, and the people that were deemed good enough to get in, were forced to go in and never let out.

And the backgrounds were often destroyed by the characters, with holes that led to what looked like HTML programming, and seemed to open portals to other dimensions, as cows and American football players would run out of them.

We decided it had been late enough and we were tired of infomercials and foreign television, so we went upstairs to eat, we had breakfast (I had cereal), and Sam’s mother commented she was surprised we didn’t finish the leftover cake from the Irish dance thing, and this is true, as soon as she said cake Jacob burst out from the room he was sleeping in and shouted “What? Cake?” and he picked up a slice of cake and ate it.

It turned out we were going to get to the convention at 12:30pm and weren’t informed of that, and didn’t need to get up at 5:00am.

We went downstairs and played games and the such until finally it was time to leave.

On the ride to Boston (Which was 2 hours long!) we passed the time by playing a ridiculous game where you say something (Like Grass) and the next person beats, stops, or prevents it (Like fire), you can’t do something already done, and it doesn’t need to make sense as long as how it stops it does.

You’re out if you do something that doesn’t work, like try and stop Grass with giant octopuses with a cupcake on its head.

We started at grass and Cyrus won when he beat a shortage of veins with a giant G to turn it into a shortage of Grains, and I couldn’t think of how I could stop that with all the stuff done, so he won just before we arrived at the parking lot.

We walked through cold Boston and Jaywalked a lot because the stoplights took way to long to change to the walk signal.

When we arrived we waited in a rather short line to pay the $10 entrance fee, and when we entered I was immediately bored.

I’m not really a fan of comics, but I’ve been to Anime Boston, New England’s largest anime convention, and my brother would go with me, and he had fun even though he wasn’t an anime fan, so I assumed that I could enjoy a comic convention without being a comic fan.

Well, this was a different kind of convention, rather then have events, panels, press events, and the such, it was a marketplace, all it was, was people selling comic books.

I walked around trying to familiarize myself with the layout of the place and maybe find something interesting, well the first walk around everything was the same as everything else in the place as far as I could see.

And I was confused by their definitions of “Long book”, See, the comics I would read usually are Manga, Japanese comics, and they’re usually sold like small thick books.

Sold by the volume, you can’t really enjoy volume 8 without first reading volumes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7.

With comics they seem to be sold by the issue, with no continuity between them, the first issue is worth $300 (which is like $28 a page!) and newer ones are sold at 50 cents, (which is like less then half a cent a page).

Well, I quickly figured out that comics with continuity that are sold in volumes are called “Graphic novels” and that Manga is sold in “Graphic novel form”, well that clears things up.

As I wandered around I found a box containing some Manga, but every series I hadn’t heard of didn’t have the first volume in stock, and if I did either I already read it, they didn’t of the volume I wanted to read, or it just didn’t interest me.

I somehow ended up in the independent comics section, self-published comics written and drawn by aspiring writers and artists, plots you’d never see in a comic book, they’re so original!

Most of them were sold in anthologies, because none of them could afford to publish the comics by themselves, so they’d pitch together to release them all together.

Tables were shared it seemed, and the prices ranged from low to high (if that’s saying much)

The artists and writers themselves were selling the comics so unless they were eating lunch of something if you bought something you were getting it autographed.

Looking at the tables, these looked like great stuff, I bought 2 graphic novels from a series that actually managed to get published, both were signed, 3 issues of some sort of self-published anthological horror type comic (Kind of like tales of the crypt but by independent comic writers and artists), and a huge 30 or more author anthology of various comics called “Secrets and lies” which had so much variety it was amazing.

When I bought something the people selling them seemed surprised and happy, I guess if you don’t have a publisher then getting somebody to buy your books is hard.

In fact, they had spent all their money on getting the table at the convention and publishing their books that they didn’t have any bags for me to carry the stuff I bought in.

After walking around some more carrying my books under my arm, I passed by some people that looked like people I knew except if they never showered or changed clothes for 50 years and were dying, it was kind of odd.

After finally finding everybody else I quickly lost them again because they weren’t done yet.

So I walked around some more, until I noticed that by the staircase that was the entrance were people reading, of course, I could wait for everybody while I read my new books. I finished one of them and began looking for everybody else again as I was hungry for lunch and though I should suggest to them that we go eat soon.

I found Sam’s Dad who told me that they had all been looking for me but hadn’t thought to look at the staircase, when they got back to say “We can’t find him anywhere” only to see me standing right there, we left the convention to look for somewhere to eat.

After circling the block 5 times we decided weren’t gonna find a cheap place to eat, so we got back in the car and Sam’s dad said he knew of a good place to eat in Newton.

It was called Cabot’s and it was an ice cream/Burger place.

I ate grilled cheese and everybody else had burgers, for drinks I got a grape soda, and everybody else got root beer, except for Cyrus who got a ginger ale, which while everybody else got their drinks in the bottle with a cup to pour it in, Cyrus’ came in a tall glass with a huge straw in it (Plus he got a freaking refill), it was so carbonated the bubbles lifted the straw up and it almost fell out of it, when we finished eating we ordered ice cream, on the ice cream menu was more ice cream options then there was food options, and I noticed some options that were ridiculous! “70 quarts of ice cream with 10 quarts of toppings, $220” was one of them.

I got the junior mint Sunday, everybody else got frozen Yogurt, except for Cyrus who got “the chocolate homicide” and Sam who got a vanilla malt frappe and because of where we were sitting we got to watch them make them (except the Frappe)

First a young woman got a bowl and put in 3 or 4 scoops of chocolate ice cream with chocolate chunks in it, then she put chocolate sauce on it, and then whipped cream, then chocolate chips, then pretty much anything else in the building that was chocolate.

Then she started making mine, she put mint chip ice cream in a cup like thing, then she put chocolate sauce on it, then marshmallow sauce, then a very bright green sauce greener then any other edible thing I’ve seen, she put both Sundays on small platters.

When she brought them over, mine looked like something out of a Dr. Seuss book! With the marshmallow falling off the cup onto the platter slowly as the green sauce ran through the middle, the chocolate homicide looked like you’d get sick if you ate it all.

The Sunday was delicious, and I didn’t even finish it all, after paying the bill we got back in the car and drove to Berlin to drop off Jacob who had to get home.

I tried to read my new comic books but it was to dark and I would’ve gotten carsick if I did. Instead I watched the road and almost fell asleep because of how boring it was.

Finally we got back and I got a bag from the recycling for my stuff, I knew I was definitely not going again next year.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Weekend update

So here is a post about Friday and Saturday, I won't talk about Sunday until tomorrow because I already wrote about it for Creative Writing this week, and since it's non-fiction it's Blog exclusive :D!

Friday the car ride to Sam's house was long because he lives an hour and a half away, we got there, dressed into our costumes, and went Trick or treating, normal Trick-or-treating business, and the very last house we went to was down a VERY VERY VERY VERY LONG Driveway, and when we finally got to the house they weren't home and left a light on for the dog.

On the way back to the street we heard other Trick-or-treaters coming down the long driveway.
So I whispered to my friends "Let's make them think it's a really good house" they nodded and we continued walking, when we got close to them we started "OH WOW! THAT WAS AMAZING! I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY HAD ALL THAT CANDY?! TOTALLY WORTH THE WALK!" I shouted, "I know! it was so great" Said Sam, then when we saw them I said "Oh man, keep walking! There's full sized Candy bars!" the look on the kids faces were priceless as they yelled "FULL SIZED CANDY BARS?!" As they ran towards the house.

And as they ran towards the house we began to run back to Sam's house less we get pummeled to death for tricking those kids.

When we got back we ate candy, ate pizza, played Castle Crashers, Played Pictonary, went to bed.

The next day we woke up, and after eating, we played some games, then we started a game of cranium, which wasn't finished because we had to go help Sam's parents set up for his mom's Irish dance thing.

Which was fun.

Then we got back, jumped on the trampoline before going back to work, I helped with the concession while the others took tickets.

Then we left.

Then it was Sunday, I'll tell you about it tomorrow.