Friday, November 7, 2008

Fridasial updatious crutatious noctatious!

Excuse the odd title.
My last update was on Monday, or was it Tuesday? so I guess I should recap everything since then.

Let's see... Oh right!.
I was Twittering a lot, and I got Twitteroo on my laptop :P.
Last night I got a 12'' Artists Mannequin Which helps with my drawing, as shown here And as you can see, S/he is wearing Mittens and Clogs because those are hard to draw and the Mannequin has wooden blocks for hands and feet.

I got a great idea for a LONG story, one which would be preferably either a live action series or an animated series, but could also do with a graphic novel or literary series.

It's main themes would be how everybody has their own stories and how they all connect and intertwine, even if something is very minor in your life you might still think about it and subconsciously affect your decisions in your future, or something that you didn't even know about could still effect your life indirectly, even if its something very minor.

The idea is that it would have 3 parts, the main part would be the stories, and second would be the overall, and the third would be the mystery.

It would have an ensemble cast would be the cast of the stories part, the hundreds of stories revolving around each character, and how they would all affect each other, and most of them would take place within the same time period, and some of them could be flash back stories or stories that seem completely unrelated but would still connect to the overall.

The overall would be about a single character who accidentally observes parts of, or overhears parts of all the stories from the stories part, but s/he would have no idea that there are so many interesting things going on around him/her, S/he would often complain how boring his/her life is because nothing exciting or interesting happens, and every one of the stories would somehow effect this character, and then it goes onto the third part, the mystery.

The mystery part would involve something happening to the character from the overall, or the overall doing something, that would result in a big commotion, and hopefully as the viewers or readers go through all the stories, what really happened would start to click, so that by the end of the series there will hopefully be no need for an explanation because they'd have figured it out already, of course in case they hadn't there would be one, an epic one too, but it would mostly be to reassure the viewers/readers that they had gotten it right.

The layout would work in that in between the stories would be clips of the overall, and every so often some of the mystery would mix in, some of the stories would self contain themselves, while others might take a break and the others would show.

I think that the final part which would not be mixed in would be called the realization, would would be the conclusion of the series, where the overall character realizes that all the stories are happening around him/her and you get to see what the events that the mystery are about, happen.

A big thing about the stories would be that nothing would be off limits, there would be a lot of variety, and nothing would be deemed "Not appropriate" or "In bad taste" because they would be things that DO happen.

I've already got some ideas for stories, but I don't think I'll really work on this until I've got a more thought out idea, and I've gotten better at drawing and writing and all that.

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