Friday, November 28, 2008

Oh gosh darn it to heck!

Well, we came up with a name for the Podcast, "A thousand shades of ambiguity" and we proceded to record the first episode, but the recording only recorded my side of the conversation and thus nobody else could be heard, and to make it worse, My headset then broke! 

SO! Where does THAT leave the podcast? Purgetory until the new headset I ordered arrives, and we find a good Skype recording program, Pamela plays things out of order and has a 15 minute limit, Call Graph is unpredictable, sometimes it'll record perfectly sometimes it'll only record one half of the conversation, AudioHjiack adds noise every 10 minutes and saves things as a really large file, and everything else we've found costs money!

So that sucks.

Thanksgiving was Thanksgiving as usualy.
Mother 3 is fun but very hard.

Thats all I can really think of for this post.

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