Friday, December 26, 2008

Well I just cut my hair in a fit of rage

Thats right, mister 3 ft long hair(I'm 5 feet long and it was long as half my body) got fed up and cut his hair.

See, tonight I was going to the bathroom and noticed my hair almost went past the toilet seat.
Then after I showered I spent half an hour brushing my hair, but then it was all in front of my face, so I flung it back, but they remade all the Knots, after another half hour of brush(This time making sure it stayed behind my head), it was once again all in front of my head, but this time still FILLED with Knots all tangled up, after 15 applications of detangling spray I stomped into the kitchen, got the scissors, went back into the bathroom, I intended to only cut off 1ft of the hair to kill the knots, but I ended up cutting 1 foot on the left side but 1.5 feet on the right, so I had to cut more of the side I liked so it was even.

I brushed my hair again, and now my hair shoulder-length, and by the time schools back it'll be in better shape.

when my mom gets home I'm gonna like nothings different :D

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Xmas Day! =D

So first of all, I got
  1. a Wii points card(2000 points)
  2. The life of Brian
  3. Sonic Unleashed(Wii)
  4. Korg DS-10
  5. Elite Beat Agents
  6. Hotel Dusk
  7. Smart Mass Putty(Oil Slick)
  8. Kingston 4GB Flash drive(My first flash drive =3)
  9. The Annotated Alice
  10. The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti monster
  11. Fly Stick Van de Graaff Levitation Wand
  12. And Awesome Canadian hat thing

Pretty awesome :D

So anyways.

Xmas eve was awesome Family Yankee swap with my fathers family.
That night I spent an hour and 12 minutes in the bathroom.
and spent 5 hours lying down rather then sleeping.

at 7:00am I went downstairs because I couldn't stand waiting anymore.

Blahblah unwrapping.

At the end the unwrapping of Sonic Unleashed was rather symbolic(without my mom even knowing she did it)

It was in a HUGE box but it was very vauge and light
Inside was piles of packaging trash from the other gifts
and at the bottom was Sonic unleashed XD.

Here the box represents Sega's details of it before it's release.
and the trash represents all of Sonic's recent games.

We had tasty breakfast.

And then we went out for Chinese before Seeing Yes Man.


The Writing was fantastic, and I loved all the cool things people were doing that was just so great, I loved the positive attitude and it was just so funny.

I think I might go Photography running some day,

So this is my somewhat rushed Xmas day post, I don't really have much very interesting things to say,

The Van de graff flying stick is fun though =D

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Terrible English

This is what happens when you take the following set of words.
Lets see how messed up this sentence can get =3
Oh by the way, I am male, if I had a sister she would be Female, and we would be brother and sister, but I don't have a sister, I have an older brother, who is male, and we are brothers, not sisters.

And use to translate it to Chinese-simplifired, then to english, then to Chinese-Traditional then to English, then to Dutch, then back to English, then to French, then back to English, then German, then back to English, then to Greek, then back to English, then to Italian, then back to English, then to Japanese, then back to English, then to Korean, then back to English, then to Portugese then back to English, then to Russian, then back to english, then to Spanish, and back to english.

l' He like; It respects the box of direction that alcanç this direction =3 the model of the nation of Ohio of omhoog where exhausted, l' That thing, is what necessary to go away; Possibly; When the brothers and the brothers and our I/woman are possible, in the personage in the morning, the brothers and the brothers and the brothers and the brothers, but j' He therefore; So that they grow more old by the brothers and the brothers, the morning of his l' He; the individuals of sommes of brothers.s and/or or frère

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A week til XMas!

First order of Buisness, Chapter 3 

So, a week until Xmas! Hoorah!
I can't wait to see the look on some of my family members faces when they see what I got them :D

Oh yeah, so 3 times a year there are concerts of sorts at my school, and the signs are always put on a table for people to draw on before it's put up during the show.

This year I made two obscure references XD
Yes, The preist Mondo Medicals, talking about Xmas rather then Cancer, and Also I drew Phoenix Wright but I was making a reference to the Phoenix Wright Musical Project.

Also I found THIS in the schools lost in found XD

It was a helmet, that when you put it on, you now have a duck head XD.
I was tempted to steal it, but I didn't, if it's still there on Friday I'll take it since it'll be put in the Mourge if they don't claim it.


Speaking of the Phoenix Wright Musical Project, I auditioned! YAY! I hope I get a good part.

I've been reading Alice in Wonderland/Through the looking Glass, I just finished Alive in Wonderland and now I'm on Through the looking glass and what Alice found there, they're really good books.

Today when I got back home from school, My and my brother(who was driving) stopped at the mailbox to get the mail as usual, so I got out of the car and there was only 2 lettrers in the mail box, but outside of it was a GIANT! RIDICULOUSLY LONG! Package, with a tag on it that said "Sword mall" on it, with pictures of swords of all kinds on it, it barely fit in the car and it took me and my brother friend to hold it and get it in the car, then to move it to the basement, it was obvious what was inside and who the gift was for XD(My brother)

I pre-registered for Anime boston 2009!!! My Badge name is Gonna be "Jeshi" So if you see me there Say Hi! It'll be awesome to have somebody to hang out with! Whether it's somebody I know from the internet or from somewhere else that reads my blog, It'll be great to see you there.

So thats all I have this post.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Where Ideas come from chapter 2, Gingerbread houses, WIIMOTE CANDY DISPENSER!

Alright! Hey everybody! okay,  first order of buisness, Where Ideas come from Chapter 2!!!

Yesterday I made a gingerbread house at school, WHICH IS GRUELING HARD WORK!
You get there early then you roll out the dough you can't make it too thin or thick or touch it with your hands(it has to stay cold), not too much flower not too little, then you cut it with grueling patience, and then you clean up everything, then you get a break, then you come back and clean up everything, and you begin decorating the house pieces, make sure you don't make it too heavy and that you leave space for X Y and Z, and BTW you're sticking the decorations on with frosting, which takes like 5 minutes to get an inch out of, and thats at ridiculius pressure.

Then you clean up everything while you wait your turn to put the pieces together in the MOLTEN MELTED SUGAR. then you decorate the rest of the house, then you clean up everything, it's harder then it sounds, my back was killing me by the end of the day.

Heres my house :D

The picture is terrible, but theres a pond with gingerbread men fishing for gummy fish and the roof is tiled with hershey symphony bars.

Also, when I was at CVS I found THIS.

You pull the B trigger and it launches candy discs :D
And it has the official Nintendo SEAL! no I didn't buy one but I was tempted.

Thats all for today!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Where ideas come from, and more

Okay, I've started a multi-chapter story, similar to Writers block in concept but it's the reverse, instead of destroying writers block, he's looking for an idea.

Since it's very long I'll just link to the SheezyART uploads.
You can read chapter 1 here

In other news, I'm not committed to Guitar enough to practice 10 hours a week, since I only originally started learning it because I didn't have the $35 a lesson Piano would require(I thought) but I found a book at school great for teaching myself piano, and the book recommends 10 minutes a day minimum, which is EASY.

I've gotten to chapter 5 in it, where it tries to get you used to using your left hand.
So thats fun.

I've been playing Mother 3 lately, SO MUCH FUN!!!, I definitely KNOW that if Nintendo released an official version I would buy it right away.
I've also been playing LSD(the game not the drug), it's... trippy.

Speaking of trippy, I've also been watching Gregory Horror Show, I LOVE THIS SHOW =D! I finished watching Volume 2 yesterday and although it wasn't quite as good as the first one(there was more focus on comedy then horror in that one) it was still 5 stars.

I really think they should make more Gregory Horror show, if not more of the show then maybe another game(Which they should RELEASE IN AMERICA)

TV Fish is awesome :D

My voice has been cracking A LOT lately, I can't even sing D:

I also have a weird dilemma, if I pursue being social and hang out with the people that were my friends in previous years, then I'd be an anti-social shut in

If I go outside and pursue my dreams and have fun and become more outgoing... I won't really have any IRL friends besides one or three people...

I think should open Retail stores, I know they're small but they could just have them in Malls or something, I would go there all the time since I wouldn't have to pay shipping or use a credit card.

Plus then you could see product in person before you buy them.

well thats all I have to say for now.