Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A week til XMas!

First order of Buisness, Chapter 3 

So, a week until Xmas! Hoorah!
I can't wait to see the look on some of my family members faces when they see what I got them :D

Oh yeah, so 3 times a year there are concerts of sorts at my school, and the signs are always put on a table for people to draw on before it's put up during the show.

This year I made two obscure references XD
Yes, The preist Mondo Medicals, talking about Xmas rather then Cancer, and Also I drew Phoenix Wright but I was making a reference to the Phoenix Wright Musical Project.

Also I found THIS in the schools lost in found XD

It was a helmet, that when you put it on, you now have a duck head XD.
I was tempted to steal it, but I didn't, if it's still there on Friday I'll take it since it'll be put in the Mourge if they don't claim it.


Speaking of the Phoenix Wright Musical Project, I auditioned! YAY! I hope I get a good part.

I've been reading Alice in Wonderland/Through the looking Glass, I just finished Alive in Wonderland and now I'm on Through the looking glass and what Alice found there, they're really good books.

Today when I got back home from school, My and my brother(who was driving) stopped at the mailbox to get the mail as usual, so I got out of the car and there was only 2 lettrers in the mail box, but outside of it was a GIANT! RIDICULOUSLY LONG! Package, with a tag on it that said "Sword mall" on it, with pictures of swords of all kinds on it, it barely fit in the car and it took me and my brother friend to hold it and get it in the car, then to move it to the basement, it was obvious what was inside and who the gift was for XD(My brother)

I pre-registered for Anime boston 2009!!! My Badge name is Gonna be "Jeshi" So if you see me there Say Hi! It'll be awesome to have somebody to hang out with! Whether it's somebody I know from the internet or from somewhere else that reads my blog, It'll be great to see you there.

So thats all I have this post.

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