Friday, December 26, 2008

Well I just cut my hair in a fit of rage

Thats right, mister 3 ft long hair(I'm 5 feet long and it was long as half my body) got fed up and cut his hair.

See, tonight I was going to the bathroom and noticed my hair almost went past the toilet seat.
Then after I showered I spent half an hour brushing my hair, but then it was all in front of my face, so I flung it back, but they remade all the Knots, after another half hour of brush(This time making sure it stayed behind my head), it was once again all in front of my head, but this time still FILLED with Knots all tangled up, after 15 applications of detangling spray I stomped into the kitchen, got the scissors, went back into the bathroom, I intended to only cut off 1ft of the hair to kill the knots, but I ended up cutting 1 foot on the left side but 1.5 feet on the right, so I had to cut more of the side I liked so it was even.

I brushed my hair again, and now my hair shoulder-length, and by the time schools back it'll be in better shape.

when my mom gets home I'm gonna like nothings different :D

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