Thursday, December 25, 2008

Xmas Day! =D

So first of all, I got
  1. a Wii points card(2000 points)
  2. The life of Brian
  3. Sonic Unleashed(Wii)
  4. Korg DS-10
  5. Elite Beat Agents
  6. Hotel Dusk
  7. Smart Mass Putty(Oil Slick)
  8. Kingston 4GB Flash drive(My first flash drive =3)
  9. The Annotated Alice
  10. The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti monster
  11. Fly Stick Van de Graaff Levitation Wand
  12. And Awesome Canadian hat thing

Pretty awesome :D

So anyways.

Xmas eve was awesome Family Yankee swap with my fathers family.
That night I spent an hour and 12 minutes in the bathroom.
and spent 5 hours lying down rather then sleeping.

at 7:00am I went downstairs because I couldn't stand waiting anymore.

Blahblah unwrapping.

At the end the unwrapping of Sonic Unleashed was rather symbolic(without my mom even knowing she did it)

It was in a HUGE box but it was very vauge and light
Inside was piles of packaging trash from the other gifts
and at the bottom was Sonic unleashed XD.

Here the box represents Sega's details of it before it's release.
and the trash represents all of Sonic's recent games.

We had tasty breakfast.

And then we went out for Chinese before Seeing Yes Man.


The Writing was fantastic, and I loved all the cool things people were doing that was just so great, I loved the positive attitude and it was just so funny.

I think I might go Photography running some day,

So this is my somewhat rushed Xmas day post, I don't really have much very interesting things to say,

The Van de graff flying stick is fun though =D

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