Friday, December 5, 2008

Where ideas come from, and more

Okay, I've started a multi-chapter story, similar to Writers block in concept but it's the reverse, instead of destroying writers block, he's looking for an idea.

Since it's very long I'll just link to the SheezyART uploads.
You can read chapter 1 here

In other news, I'm not committed to Guitar enough to practice 10 hours a week, since I only originally started learning it because I didn't have the $35 a lesson Piano would require(I thought) but I found a book at school great for teaching myself piano, and the book recommends 10 minutes a day minimum, which is EASY.

I've gotten to chapter 5 in it, where it tries to get you used to using your left hand.
So thats fun.

I've been playing Mother 3 lately, SO MUCH FUN!!!, I definitely KNOW that if Nintendo released an official version I would buy it right away.
I've also been playing LSD(the game not the drug), it's... trippy.

Speaking of trippy, I've also been watching Gregory Horror Show, I LOVE THIS SHOW =D! I finished watching Volume 2 yesterday and although it wasn't quite as good as the first one(there was more focus on comedy then horror in that one) it was still 5 stars.

I really think they should make more Gregory Horror show, if not more of the show then maybe another game(Which they should RELEASE IN AMERICA)

TV Fish is awesome :D

My voice has been cracking A LOT lately, I can't even sing D:

I also have a weird dilemma, if I pursue being social and hang out with the people that were my friends in previous years, then I'd be an anti-social shut in

If I go outside and pursue my dreams and have fun and become more outgoing... I won't really have any IRL friends besides one or three people...

I think should open Retail stores, I know they're small but they could just have them in Malls or something, I would go there all the time since I wouldn't have to pay shipping or use a credit card.

Plus then you could see product in person before you buy them.

well thats all I have to say for now.

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