Friday, January 2, 2009


So Today I saw Milk.
Milk is a great movie even better then Yes Man! Go see it!
Also I got the Ace Attorney Case book Vol. 1 =D! It's great I'm still not done reading it.
Also what else... On New years eve I went to a big party and stuff, most exciting countdown ever, with drums and over 50 people and stuff, okay so I'm sure like Time square is exciting if you're there but this was really exciting.

Also My new years resoloutiuon! IN 2009 I'M GONNA LOSE 80 POUNDS!!

Oh yeah, at the party, there was like a split, one floor of the house was all the Adults and the other was all the Drunk Teenagers.

And all the teenage girls had the exact same haircut =O!
Man, I'll never understand Kids raised by the traditional school system.

BTW Go see Milk.

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