Monday, January 19, 2009

Tuesday and Wednesday are big days followed by I don't even know D:

Okay so I need to update more often but nobody really reads this.
I AM working on the next chapter of Where Ideas come from, just I've had a hard time writing for a long period of time because of well, keep reading.

Also this is a joint post with my SheezyART Journal, even though it's still personal it IS rather important.

Okay so, Tomorrow is Barack Obama's Inauguration, You know, until we elected Obama I was NEVER Proud to be a US Citizen, I would sometimes say "I'm not American I'm New English" Or something silly like that.

But Tomorrow at 11:30AM He becomes President and we'll be THE FIRST Majority white nation to elect a black man President/Prime Minister/Whatever you want to call it in your country.

And I just know that starting tomorrow the whole country is gonna turn around and the US is going to become the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave again, not the Land of the Can be arrested for no reason, and Home of the so afraid of being attack we're declaring war on undefined enemys that we think are trying to kill us.

But thats not the big thing.

Whats big comes after school tomorrow.

First, I'm going to have to Super fast, like Fasting but instead of not Eating anything and only drinking a mouthful of water every so often, I can't eat or drink ANYTHING, the most I can do is swish water around in my mouth then spit it out.

Then I have to go to a hospital and go under anethetics.

Then when I wake up part of my body will be gone and the area where it usually would be will be very sensitive and I'll have to cover it with a sock to padd it from being damaged, and I'll be confined to my home for the next 5 days.

Then finally when thats over I'll no longer have to worry that some day my bladder will explode because it's being blocked by my own skin, but, I think you don't really want to know anything past this.

It's sad to because I have no choice and I wont last past Febuary if I don't go under surgery but it's still so frightning and mind bogisying(Not a word but I can't describe it any other way)

Considering how I usually sit when I'm on the computer I probably wont be on the computer until Monday starting Wednesday.

Or at least not much.
Oh this is going to SUCK!

How did it even start anyways! how did Urushiol get THERE of all places!

And why is the human body so STUPID as to not realize that even though it WAS inflamed it isn't anymore and it doesn't need to keep drying up and shrinking until it closes and kills itself!

Why do our bodys do stupid things like store fat by our lungs or close up vital opening on our body because it can't tell the difference between the skin on your arm and the skin around said openings!

UGH, well, this is all for now, I hope I didn't get to descriptive.

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