Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I have a life =O!

So I haven't been updating recently, I haven't really been on my own computer much(Since it's so so SOOOOO bad), and really theres so much great stuff happening in my life that it's hard to tell whats to personal or inside to be interesting enough for the blog, and whats the exact kind of thing it would be bad to leave out.

My Original Launch day DS is on the fritz so I pre-ordered a DSi, with Rhythem heaven...

Hey, Maybe I'll compare the original DS and the DSi =D! That might be interesting...

And there hasn't really been anything recently that I feel like ranting about because my life has been going so well!

I've been forgeting to/Skipping out on my daily walk recently, It's to muddy and it's fertilizing season on the local farms so it smells terrible.

But I might start going to the Local YMCA.

But I just KNOW if I do I'll get the village people stuck in my head.

Pokemon is randomly popular again for no real reason, just suddenly everybody is playing Pokemon.

Theres only 1 pokemon I need to see to complete my Sinoh dex so when I beat the Elite 4 I can get the International Pokedex!

And it's the 3rd evoloution of Gible and I think maybe I might have killed the only one a long time ago and forgotten.

So I'm trying to trade a Shieldon for a Gible over the Wi-Fi center and if that doesn't work I can just mooch off a friend.

I mean, it's like impossible to beat Pokemon without mooching off a friend, either borrowing a strong pokemon for a part your stuck on or trading a pokemon back and forth to evolve it or battling with a set party so those pokemon you just need to look at can be added to your Pokedex.

So, at my school, Every single person named Jesse is Gay and Nerdy.
I'm gay and Nerdy, The Other male Jesse is Gay, and Nerdy, and the Girl Jessie is Gay, And NERDY!!

So if next year there is a new student named Jesse/Jessie/Jessy/ect, It's going to be assumed that S/he is gay if they're Nerdy.


You know, it's been 3 months since I came out of the closet and STILL there are people I consider myself relativley close to that I already told I'm gay that are still going "Wait... You're Gay?" and My reply is of course "I already told you!", it's like they're all forgeting.

In fact, One person in particular has been SHOCKED, about 4 times.

=P My Brother still doesn't actually believe me, his policy on people coming out is "Anybody who thinks they're gay is just Bi-curios until they have gay sex", well by THAT logic, You aren't straight you're just Hetero-curios until you have sex with the oppositte gender.

Wait, So does that mean if you think you're Asexual you're just A-Curios until you somehow have less sex then being a virgin?...



I don't really have much interesting stuff you know?

Oh! heres something maybe!

My brother brought home this book of those Magic eye things, and I FINALLY got the hang of it! it's neat :3

BUT! on the side of the book is a Congressional library label! And it's hand written and stuck on with clear tape.

IT'S A SCHOOL BOOK =O! DUN DUN DUN!!, so tomorrow I'm gonna take it back to school since I'm the book shelver :P

You know, Only like, 1 person reads this blog so I don't really know if it matters if I don't update.

I'll still update when I do though...

Yeah, I think I WILL review the DSi, and I'll put it on youtube :D
But while most people will compare it to the DS lite I'll compare it to the ORIGINAL DS!!!

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