Sunday, March 15, 2009

"I'm a Rental Boat", Repower America! Haircuts! Newspapers! Improv Comedy! Craigslist! Spring! er.. winter?...SPRING!...winter...UGH!

So first of all, I'm selling some stuff on Craigslist,
And 38 issues of Shonen Jump(Feb 06-apr 09), plus some Manga:

I'll give you a special deal if you mention my Blog :D

Anyways, Yesterday I went to a Rally!

The entire thing was powered by BIKES!
I Voulenteered to keep track of the output to make sure it didn't get under 08.0 or above 12.0, which meant I spent the entire time looking at this:
Plus one of the bikes chains kept falling off D:
After the really I weant to the the Quincy market for lunch, and on the way saw some street performers, they spent 15 minutes trying to get a crowd BEFORE they danced(They were good).
Then one of them jumped over "5 1/2 people"

And I got the picture perfectly timed too <3!

Oh yeah, and I got a haircut!

See, the reaosn this is a big deal is because my hair used to go down to my waist.

Now, back in January I got really angry and cut it to shoulder length with kitchen scissors on impulse, and my hair became unmanagable and impossible to make look different or good.

So last week I went to Super cuts, got on the hour long waiting list for the famous popular best stylist, and told him "Give me something COMPLETLEY different, Defy gravity! something a girl would NEVER have, that way people wont mistake my gender", And he trims it and adds layers, thats it.

Now, theres no way he could have known this but, at a certain length my hair grows into little wings, so the shortest layers turned into wings and pushed out so my hair looked ugly and ridiculous and even MORE like a girls haircut! And I couldn't even fly with the wings :(

I still wanted my hair to be different so I walked to CVS and got a blue hair bleaching/dying kit.

My Dad helped me do it but we completley messed up and now my hairs all stripey on the sides, dark on the front, and BRIGHT WHITE/BLUE in the back, but it will fade in 6 weeks.


So this time I actually got something good.

See the best part is it doesn't always look like that! I can actually CHANGE WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE WITHOUT CUTTING IT =O!.

And I got some Rewind 06 Hair Gel to help me so :3

I HAVE NOW ADVANCED FROM "People think I'm girl and don't even believe me when I tell them otherwise" TO "Feminine Man", and once I lose weight and get in shape I bet I'll never be mistaken for a girl again! =D

At my school I got together an Improv group last week! our first meet-up is tomorrow! It's gonna be GRRRReater then Frosted flakes!

Also Another student at school is trying to get together a newspaper so I joined the cause! It still doesn't even have a name though =P

So it seems that every weekend we get great spring like weather, then as soon as its monday it's snowing again at 15 degrees >:(

By the way, "I'm a rental boat" is from Kamichu Vol.2(Anime).

Update: 2 more things!

1. Another story I forgot was that while I was eating lunch I heard a woman next to me scolding her daughter for being vegetarian and telling her "JESUS WANTS YOU TO EAT YOUR MEAT" "I DON'T EVER WANT YOU TO SPEAK AGAIN! NEVER!" "IF I HAD MY TAPE WITH ME I WOULD TAPE YOUR MOUTH SHUT!", she then proceeded to order her daughters food for her, and pretty much forcing her to eat meat.

I told her "You're being really mean and loud, I'm having a hard time enjoying my meal, if she wants to be vegetarian let her be vegetarian" She replied with "EXCUSE ME! I WOULD NEVER HURT MY DAUGHTER!" So I replied "I never said anything about you hurting your daughter, the fact that you brought that up without me even mentioning it makes me suspect that you actually might" at which point my dad told me to mind my own buisness.

And this is what shocked me, on the walk back to the subway my mom told me "When people do things like you have to just pretend you don't notice it, even if they're right next to you it isn't your buisness and you need to pretend you can't hear it" WHAT! THATS RIDICULOUS!

You can never just stand by and let people do terrible things!
Some people have never even heard that what they're doing is wrong, or that whats being done them shouldn't be done!

If she actually WAS taping her daughter mouth shut I would take away the tape and report her to family services!

I told this to my mom and she replied "But it wasn't anything physical so ignore it"


If you're eating lunch next to a mormon mother telling her gay son it would be better if he commited suicide then live on earth as a gay man then I would NEVER sit by and pretend not to hear it!

I can't just turn my ears off! I can hear conversations on the other side of a room at school even if I'm in a conversation of my own, and if I hear somebody shout "Nigger" or "Faggot" or call somebody a "Fucking Homo" I'm going to warn them that it's offensive and I'll write complaint if they don't stop.

Sure you aren't supposed to be a vigilantie justice but the police don't do anything unless you report it.

If you stand by and ignore something terrible happening and pretend not to hear it then you're no better then the person doing the terrible thing!

Umm, The full sized pictures are big enough that I should have written the URL of this blog on my sign, and the red circles I drew around myself are only visable in one of the pictures :/

I'm near the top left corner, wearing a blue vest, holding a Re-power america sign...

You can see the full sized pictures at the link by clicking on the pictures =D.

Okay, NOW thats all :D

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