Thursday, March 19, 2009

New Rant, and a funny story about "Productivity",

Yay! new Rant!

HA! I used to hang out in this one room ALL DAY at school until recently, and yesterday I walked into that room again and said "It's really nice out, are you all STILL in this room? Have you been in here ALL DAY?" And then the 1 person in my personal life that I would actually say I hate said this in reply "At least we're doing something productive in our lives!", By the way all they do is that 2 of them play flash games on their laptops and 1 or 2 other people watch them, I laughed out loud and I said "PRODUCTIVE?! The reason I HAVEN'T been in here recently is because I got a life and started doing things productive! I'm writing a book I'm learning piano I'm improving my drawing I'm singing I'm learning graphic design I'm learning world history I'm learning the history of this school I'm learning about American presidents I'm getting involved in Politics! I'm doing art projects, and then I hang out or eat lunch with more people then average amount of people to ever be in this room in one day! How is playing flash games more productive!" which was a bit "In-your-face" I admit, and then he said "I'm learning to program!", and I said "What Language?" and he didn't reply, so I left the room giving up on my attempt to get them outside in the first 60 degree weather day of the year.

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