Sunday, June 21, 2009

Omegle #2

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: hi!
Stranger: whats your fav porn?
You: Hold on let me think for a bit
Stranger: i aint got all day baby
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: hi!
Stranger: heyllow =)
Stranger: from?
You: USA
Stranger: old? i'm France
You: You're France? I've never somebody that is a country before.
You: I'm young actually not old
Stranger: i'm sorry from France
You: OH
You: What's France sorry for? They've never done anything wrong
Stranger: youre a boys!,?
You: I am a boys!,
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: hi!
Stranger: hey^^
Stranger: i am hungry
You: I just ate
You: He was young so I felt bad eating him but I had to eat something(Or Somebody as it seems to always be these days)
Stranger: so?
You: No, it was So, his name was Jeff
You: *Wasn't
You: His name was Jeff, NOT So
Stranger: who is he ?
You: My dinner
Stranger: who was he
You: I just finished eating him
Stranger: than whats ur name
You: My name is Stranger
Stranger: (u ll be my dinner)
You: Stranger Smith
Stranger: nice 2 meet u
Stranger: stranger xD
Stranger: i am stranger, too
You: I thought your name was You
Stranger: its my nickname
You: Ah
Stranger: my real name is stranger
Stranger: n i must eat smething
Stranger: i wanna eat u
Stranger: can i eat u ?
You: Man, I could sure go for some fruit right now, too bad it's all gone =(
You: Nah, I'd rather you don't attempt to eat me over the internet
Stranger: can i eat ur any piece ?
You: My WHAT>!
You: What's An Any Piece?!
Stranger: piece of your body
You: But you see, this is the internet
You: I lost my Knife!
You: I guess I'M gonna be somebody's dinner now
You: Stupid Zombie Apocolypse!
You have disconnected.

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: hi!
Stranger: Hi
Stranger: Are you Elise from Norway?
You: Yes
Stranger: Well, that'd be awesome... : /
You: it would be, and it is, because it's true
Stranger: If it would infact be true, I would probably be so happy that I'd cry now... :p
Stranger: But I fear that as soon as I ask you to say something in Norwegian, you'd have some trouble :P
You: I can speak plenty of Norwegian!
You: Although it's my second language, My name is Elise, and I moved to Norway about 3 years ago
You: Se! Jeg snakker det nĂ¥!
Stranger: Cool, but if you were to write a more advanced sentence, you still think it would make sence in Norwegian?
You: Jeg Elise fra Norge!
Stranger: There you go... :p
Stranger: Missing one word in there
You: It is my SECOND language
Stranger: "Jeg er Elise fra Norge!"
Stranger: Ah, ok :p
Stranger: Close enough
You: So anyways, you were looking for me?
Stranger: I am indeed
You: I'm in Ringebu
Stranger: Awww, if you were in Stavanger, that'd be totally awesome...
You: Well I'm not =/
You: I'm in Ringebu
Stranger: But still, you're not the Elise I'm looking for I believe :'(
You: Aww.
You: Well, Omegle is a bad place to look for somebody anyways, it randomly pairs you up with random people
Stranger: I know
Stranger: The Elise I am looking for lives about 120 metres away from me anyways..
You: Then travel 120 metres in a random direction and you'll find her! :D
Stranger: Yea, could do that, but it's abit too late at night to do that now I suppose
Stranger: But love doesn't care what time it is I suppose... :p
You: Well, I have to go commute to Hundorp for my job, Goodbye now!
You have disconnected.

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: hi!
Stranger: hey
Stranger: ?
Stranger: ?
Stranger: ?
You: !
You: !
You: !
Stranger: lol is this a guy or girl
You: This is a guy
Stranger: oh
You: And This is a girl
Stranger: huh
Stranger: ?
You: ...
Stranger: im confused
Stranger: how can it be a guy an girl
Stranger: are you a tranny?
You: No, I said THIS was a guy, and THIS was a grll
Stranger: ohhhhh
Stranger: that nade sebse
Stranger: woop
Stranger: s
Stranger: i ment that made sense
You: It made nabe a lot of sebse
Stranger: shut up
Stranger: lol
Stranger: i wasnt looking
Stranger: i dont needa but whatever
Stranger: ima guy too
Stranger: an you take forever to reply
You: Oh cool! I'm a girl!
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: hi!
Stranger: hows life doogie
You: Oh man yo it's like trippingly greatastic dawg!
Stranger: oh shiet
Stranger: i feel
Stranger: you be partying and shizzlee
Stranger: u is the brest.
Stranger: no wait
Stranger: Im the brest.
You: I think we're both the Breasts Bro!
Stranger: ohhh broooooooski.
Stranger: Im the better brest
You: But that makes the breasts lop-sided
Stranger: shit happens
You: Man, this woman is gonna have hard time finding a date with her lop-sided rapping breasts
Stranger: thats more attractive, no?
Stranger: no waaay
Stranger: more options maaan
Stranger: if a dude likes big breast girls then shes the one
Stranger: if another dude likes small breast then shes also the one
You: But if a dudes OCD then he'll be repulsed!
Stranger: You're right doctor
Stranger: you on ur phone or something?
You: Plus the dude that likes big breasts would be turned off by her small breasts
You: and the dude that likes small breasts would be turned off by the big breasts
You: Also I'm using a keyboard
Stranger: oh dang
Stranger: love doctor in the house
Stranger: you know your stuffs
You: PSHH, I'm a Homomie! I know nothing about Woman!
Stranger: shieeet
Stranger: I thought I was talking to a woman expert :(
You: Nope, Quite the opposite, I'm a Bro expert!
Stranger: yay
Stranger: bromance
Stranger: I looooooove bromance.
You: Me too!
Stranger: Mind you give me some tips
Stranger: oh bro rape?
Stranger: on*
You: Well, it depends on if you're top or bottom
Stranger: I prefer top
Stranger: to be in controll
You: Then go up to the bro you be afta and look him right in da eyes and smirk, and if he doesn't swoon then he's also a top and you need to try again
You: With another bro
Stranger: lmao
Stranger: so thats why he rejected me after that partay.
Stranger: fck.
You: and if he does swoon it doesn't matter if it's consensual just get him alone and then strip him and have your way
You: with him
Stranger: where you from, doc?
Stranger: Im from compton
Stranger: if you know where that is
You: I've heard da name but not da location
Stranger: oh
Stranger: its where nigguhs shoot each other to survive
You: So it's another Ghetto!
Stranger: cant go out w/o a bulletproof vest
Stranger: life is hard
You: O
You: I'd tink so bro
You: Well, I gotta go bro, Gonna watch sone True Blood!
You have disconnected.

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