Wednesday, September 16, 2009

This blog has pretty much died.

The main problem with blogging about my life is that if I can't think of anything interesting to write in a private journal or diary then how I can write down anything interesting in a PUBLIC journal on the internet after I've already left out everything personal and secret that might be good enough to put in a private journal.

And then when I DO have something interesting going on in my life then I don't actually WANT to blog! The blogging conundrum, the more interesting my life IS, the less I want to post about it on my blog.

And since I got back on Deviantart now and Deviantart has a journal feature I thought I might as well just start writing whatever I might put on this blog on my DA journal.

But the problem with THAT is that my DA gallery is a gallery of my artwork and writing ect, and I don't think writing about my personal life in a journal connected to that is something that people who just want to know when the next chapter of WICF is going to be done would care to see in their updates(Although, they can change that in settings)

But many people do it anyways, and who knows, maybe my life in itself can be artwork.
If somebody succeeds at writing about their life in a journal every single day then it would be interesting to read even if they had no impact on the world(which is impossible because everything has an impact on the world) as there is no way that their entire life would go by without something interesting happening.

So is my DA gallery...I can only think of one person who read this anyways so I guess it doesn't matter XD.

And who knows, maybe I'll come back to this, but for now it's done with.