Sunday, March 14, 2010

when you write who is your inspuration

Well, John Green and David Levithan were the author's that inspired me to get into writing in the first place. Before I read an abundance of Katherines and How they met, I was under the impression that only certain kinds of stories could be told in book form. And that if you wanted to do anything subtle it had to be in comic or animation form. And also that books didn't have to be perfectly linear in what you notice is going on. So those two authors are my inspiration to actually want to make it a career choice.

But when I'm actually writing a story, it would have to depend on the story. When I was writing Willem & The Gobblegnomes (Which has yet to be posted online, I need to spellcheck it still.) My inspirations were RuPaul and the movie Labyrinth.

When I was writing Where ideas come from, My inspirations were Alice in wonderland and the phantom tollbooth.

And a lot of the time my inspirations are the characters within the stories themselves. I want to figure out how their life progresses(Or in the case of Eight pointed star, ends.) and really make the story as entertaining and interesting as possible.

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